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Why Choose SDG?

We are a dynamic organization that prides ourselves as the leader in data management practices and system integration. We bring value to the table by aligning these practices closely to business strategies. SDG is recognized to be at the cutting edge of data governance concepts, like Data Quality Profiling and Enrichment, Transformation/Migration and Archival. We help clients with Enterprise Content Management, Master Data Management and Data Archival Strategies. Driven by corporate governance, companies need to have IT Governance and Data Governance( Quality and Security) focus in their architecture and operations. SDG advises its clients from this perspective.

We optimize existing Enterprise Resource Planning implementations by :

• Diagnosing the health of their data • Data profiling to ensure completeness, deduplication, ensuring conformity and consistency in corporate data • Harmonizing enterprise structured and non-structured data. • Uncover discrepancies residing in their current and legacy systems. • Analyse what the data is saying to achieve cost savings in the business.

For clients who wish to gain competitive advantages with ERP or strategic systems, we advise and implement cutting-edge technologies and plan its integration to drive business growth.

Our people

Our company has the combined experience of ex-project directors, project managers, enterprise content architects and consultants from world-class organizations including Accenture, Ernst & Young LLP, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, ST Engineering and Proctor & Gamble. We are passionate about delivering consultancy solutions to help the bottom line of our clients. Our combined experience in consulting engagements cover a wide range of industries. SDG has more than 30 years in consulting with SAP and Other technologies and have worked with a range of clients across Asia, India, the Middle East and in North America. We have helped organizations achieve more than SD $10 million in cost savings in a single project.

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Enterprise IT Solutions

We have proven and robust enterprise solutions for a wide range of industries and service areas.Our innovation labs, development centers, and a proven and balanced on-shore/off-shore model enable us to deliver high-performing innovative solutions, fast and cost-effective.

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Industrial Automation

Optimal solutions for discrete manufacturing operations Industry automation has always been about throughput, quality, and cost. People today acquire technologies based on improving machine reliability, flexibility, and efficiency

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Data Management

Master data solutions is the handling of strategic data (e.g., operational, master, or reference data) for an entire enterprise, across departments, functions and geographies. How your organization governs its data from cradle to grave is part of the data management processes

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Cloud Enablement

Leveraging Cloud technologies not only improves operational efficiencies but can potentially transform entire business models. With SDG’s Cloud-enabled enterprise transformation fabric, we partner with enterprises in their journey from vision to execution; and help transform their business processes, applications and entire datacenters through our comprehensive range of Cloud services

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