Do you often feel like you¹re asked to make a business decision while disconnected from the people, processes and data you need to make that decision?

You’re not alone. Many companies struggle when it comes to empowering their business users with access to critical information that is scattered across the organization. These companies are also looking for opportunities to take advantage of a changing landscape that includes cloud services, enterprise social and BYOD.

Fortunately, finding a better way to streamline and connect your people, processes and data is possible. The solution? Business process applications. These applications can help you combine information from your disparate LOB systems, whether on-premises or cloud, into a single user experience, create workflows that can span your LOB systems and automate your business processes, and deliver critical information into the hands of those that can impact your business.

The value of content comes from getting it into the hands of those that need it, when they need it, so that they can truly make an impact.


In a 3 day training, an business analyst, power users or web developers will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to build application master data screens, transaction screens and even reports applications with Dowaysoft smartplatform. They will also learn to create database schemas in MSSQL.

Students will get to create simple to advanced Forms that integrate with Data and Workflows to create a cohesive business application. Over the duration of the course, students will be participating in various hands-on labs to reinforce concepts learnt in the different modules.

We have build modules and whole systems using the platform, to support clients on inventory systems , farm –management whole systems in merely months. Some clients opt to have outsource resources to guide them to create and maintain the system.