1. PenMatrix

How does it work

  • Form filled out with special pen in the field
  • Uploaded via USB or Bluetooth
  • Converts hand writing to text and data
  • Forms convert to soft coded data
  • Uploads into central system
  • Web-Portal can be developed to provide a range of features – Search & Retrieve to complex KPI Dashboard.


  • + -

    A familiar tool with extra functionality

    If you currently use a pen and paper to complete an inspection or audit, PenMatrix will seamlessly fit into your workflow
  • + -

    A cost effective solution

    The PexMatrix solution costs less to purchase, implement and support compared to PDA and Tablet PC based systems.
  • + -

    Save time and money

    Streamlining your workflow means you work smarter. PenMatrix saves you time and money by eliminating manual data entry. There’s no scanning, no faxing and no double handling of data.
  • + -


    All data recorded and sent by PenMatrix is protected by 448bit encryption. Data captured when using PenMatrix is time and date stamped and can be audited.
  • + -

    Ease of use

    The award winning PenMartix system has been designed for fast adoption across all users, regardless of skill level. Research has shown that using a digital pen increases productivity by 30% compared to using a small handheld or PDA.
  • + -

    Disseminate information quickly and easily

    Information collected by the PenMatrix digital pen can be delivered to multiple locations instantly. Used in conjunction with the web portal and dashboard staff can view the collected data and associated reports in almost real time.

2. MobileMatrix

Contact us to learn how to create and manage forms using your ipad on MobileMatrix software!