Founded in 1988, YONYOU Software Co., Ltd is the largest enterprise application system providers in China; it provides ERP, CRM, HR software packages for enterprises ranging from small to large sizes. Currently, over 1,200,000 enterprises and organizations worldwide are using YONYOU software to reduce their operation costs and improve their management efficiencies while quickly respond to market changes.

The company has become one of the leading software vendors in the national programming and the most outstanding representative companies in China software industry in the past few years, and its products have become the most famous management software in China. The company was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock name: YONYOU Software with Stock code: 600588) in May 18, 2001. The vision of YONYOU is to become the client’s reliable long-term partner, and its mission is to become a first-class management software and mobile business service provider in the world.

According to the Annual Report on China’s Management Software Market year 2009 and year 2010 from authoritative IT market research organization Gartner and CCID, all the reports prove that YONYOU ranks the No. 1 on Chinese market, leaving SAP, the international manufacturer, behind for the first time on ERP market. In the meantime Yonyou is also the top3 vendor in Asia Pacific.

Belvedere of Tuscany
Belvedere of Tuscany

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    Product family 1: U8+ An Intergrated Business Management Platform for SME and MNC

    Belvedere of Tuscany
    To be a swift and powerful market competitor, enterprise needs a management capability to quickly integrate different resources, as well as advanced information system to flexibly configure different management elements involved in the operation of associated business.

    Yonyou U8+ is an integrated ERP solution most widely used in the Asia Pacific market, enabling the enterprise to use the system in a single or multi-entity company. Yonyou U8+ is a fully functional management suite and one of the most widely used business solutions in the market. Key systems include ERP, HR, CRM, PLM, OA, DRP and BI.

    • Total management solution with ERP as core for MNCs
    • Multi-currency financial data and reports on demand
    • Multilingual user interfaces and reports
    • Multi-way conversion tool for international accounting systems
    • Drill-down inquiry support
    • Built-in online banking adapter
    • International specific financial and regulatory reports supported
    • External data exchange in multi-format supported
    • Strong platform for easy customization
    • Wireless connectivity
    • Large customer install base in various industries
    • Built-in management best practices
    • Rapid deployment best practices
    • Highly scalable
    • All Industrial application with international features
    • Financial Management
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Business Intelligence / Decision Support
    • Manufacturing Management
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    Product family 2: ERP software (NC6) for MNC

    Yonyou ERP software (NC6) offers the most complete and integrated management solution for large enterprises to streamline your business processes across procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, and HR and enhance management performance. With more than 15 years of experience and nearly 8,000 customers, NC6 is proved to empower the enterprises to make better decisions, reduce costs and improve performance.

    Increased the flexibility to pick and choose the business processes that meet the specific needs.

      • Fully integrated and scalable in modules, helped enterprises have real-time control of enterprise resource management.
      • Enabled business leaders to make timely and critical decisions based on the latest information in the a fully transparent information-sharing platform.
      • Tackled the critical management obstacles of multi-national companies by centralizing resources planning and allocating production capacity with greater accuracy.
      • Local and immediate support for business processes in over 21 different industries and 10 localizations.
      • Group Financial Management
      • Group Supply Chain Management
      • Group Human Resource Management
      • Group Reporting Platform
      • Integrated Application Platform
      • NC Mobile ERP